What I recently learned about making a decision

Sandro Sirait
2 min readDec 28, 2020


haha don’t worry it is just a 5-minute writing.

Yeah, I know, so the last sentence was meant to handle your inner concern or inner critic that you want to make the post as perfect (if that word ever exist) or as good as it may be.

In other words, the first sentence was written to answer upfront the decision fatigue or the paralysis by analysis syndrome. Uh, can I just say that or should I just describe that as a disease?

You are not wrong to say or use the latter terms.

Disease. Dis + ease.

Or simply mean, that you don’t feel at ease in a certain area. In this case, it affects you not in a really positive way or perhaps, for lack of better words, constructive way arguably.

I really like the way I describe things or think about something that I just feel that people, in general or in my own generalization about average people, will not even bother to describe such topic with that way of saying.

Okay, so about decision making. Tell me!

One thing for sure is that. Simply said, would be very helpful, and when I said helpful I mean that in a practical way or, yeah it is not a BS kind of conclusion.

So, what’s that. Please don’t you try to describe your answer for too long, or too impractical but seems a good kind of answers.

Well, number 1, make a decision with clear limitation, starting with what is it that you want and don’t want. And what resources that you have to make such decision.

Then, push yourself just a little bit to make that decision.