What I recently learned about decision making (part II)

Sandro Sirait
2 min readDec 29, 2020


yeah, I think that I need to write about the part II.

So, let’s quickly recap what I said in part I.

The key to making a decision in the most practical way that I have tried.

Make a clear limitation on what I want and what I don’t want. Also, be informed about the resources that you have.

So, as simple as that? Yes, that’s super-simple and practical.

Again, there are 2 questions there:
1) Where I want to go or don’t want to go (you can say this as the purpose or the destination of such decision)
2) What do I have now (this is supposed to be very objective and factual)

I also have the urge to describe that for those two points, we already entertain both the sides of thinking and feeling. Subjective and objective. So, hopefully we can make the decision with the best of our ability and intention.

I don’t want to touch too much on the idea of subjective/objective reasoning. But, to be very practical here, touching both perspective is important and crucial to make a decision.

And, for the first, make it as simple as possible. Remember, here we want to make a practical decision. And actually, some decisions may not lead to a practical activities whatsoever, it could be an inner or internal decision.

The key idea, or I would say the key metric on how I know whether I have made the first step in a correct way is that it will give a clear sense of destination I want and I don’t want to go.

Some key words: clarity, destination, want and don’t want.

The 2nd step, the resources. It is more like the further information that I need to be aware or to consider that helps me more on the side of giving me limitation.

So, many possibilities can be narrowed down and I guess you can make an easier decision with less options on the table.