We like to think as if we are roaming on a map

Sandro Sirait
2 min readJan 7, 2021


Oh yeah, I was thinking about maps. And, some of the learning and realization that I have been thinking are related with the word MAPS.

Some example, back to the idea of having a goal is important that it helps you to navigate (see this word) in this world and by doing that can give and will give you sense of joy and most importantly, sense of meaning.

Having goal is important (in this case we are ignoring the content of the goal itself, just having a goal) that it gives you joy.

How can having a goal gives you joy? Referring back to the title about maps, which the keyword that I will be using as the filter or framework to explain some ideas I am going to describe onwards.

Having goals help us to NAVIGATE in life. Life is abstract. Hey, you can pause in that word. You dont have to go too deep, because you can go into a rabbit hole by the word of “abstract” and that’s okay.

So, again, it gives you joy because you can navigate yourself in this world. Hope that’s clear for you.

And then, you know what else that can bring you joy?

It is progress towards your goal. Having a feeling or thinking or awareness or realization that you are moving towards your goal in life gives you joy.

Then, you can ask, why it happens?

I can argue that, back to the framework of maps. It shows that you are progressing in life and you are going into the right direction towards your destination that is your goal.