We all gotta start somewhere, somehow

Sandro Sirait
2 min readDec 25, 2020


We all gotta start somewhere, well, somehow

That’s the title that I wrote for the medium post that I tried to write, but, unfortunately I had not finished yet.

And here we are, well, can I say start all over again?

I mean, I know that I need to write down thoughts and that is the best way that I know for me to think through.

And then you can ask me, like, think for what?

How about think for the sake of thinking?

How about thinking for the sake of being a human?

How about thinking about everything or, conversely, about nothing?

Well, regardless of the content or the topic that you want to think about, you need a platform to think.

The other way to say it is like, you need help to think. And, well, I have this burning question as well as you had been talking about thinking..

Why bother pushing yourself so hard to, oh my, THINK?

Why it is important, if not urgent, right now?

Well, some context if you are wondering what you have gone through: you are currently having long holiday. And yes, time is running out. It is only 1 more week.

So, are you saying that you need to — or must, maybe — to write in order for you to think?

Yes, I think so. I have such urgency and importance for such activity.

Thinking is hard. Well, what is it for?

Hmm, one way to put it, it is for making a plan. The other way is to process yourself or you can also say as an active effort to know yourself and to understand the world.

Other purpose or maybe benefit of doing that is for you to make meaning.

Because, without meaning, all of your efforts (I intended to say suffering in a more practical manner) will be seemed futile,

and life will seem meaningless.