Small goals are more powerful and relevant for me

Sandro Sirait
2 min readJan 6, 2021


Like now, I have written 7 articles by using the 5 minutes writing prompt and I told myself like “hey can we go to write 10 article now?”

I mean that’s not that difficult, right?

Yes I think so, and this article is the 8th and i can see myself doing this and will be doing the 10th in near minutes.

It is, like what I said in previous article as the minimum commitment and efforts but in other perspective is that I need to have small wins that I actually can achieve and handle.

Having a goal is important. We can argue all day and night. But what I consider as truth and or fact is that we as human needs to have any kind of goals that will drives us forward and or in biological terms, will gives us dopamine which sometimes translated as “joy”.

And yet, the problem sometimes is in the goal itself. If it is too big, can any progress seems invincible in a nearest time seen or in any efforts being contributed, this can lead to other problem like frustration or boredom. And so, those can hinder us to keep going and keep doing what we need to do.

Instead, why don’t we start with small wins? a goal that is small enough that you know that you are more than able to achieve it, even you know for sure that you can easily overachieve it.

And, then you will feel much better. At first, you will feel great just because of some things, first it is because you just get things done, then you also realize that it is things that you are telling yourself to do. It builds respect.

Remember how many times you told yourself to do something but you don’t. But now you can do it and you are earning respect with yourself.

And the great thing about this, it will gives you joy and also momentum for you to go for higher leaps of progress or wins.