Minimum viable commitment and efforts

Sandro Sirait
2 min readJan 1, 2021


I also love this title and statement and I am so fascinated by the power it has that it has helped so far in making a decision and seeing progress that I think I need to have and thus I deserve.

Haha, what a statement in a paragraph that I just wrote there. Multiple ideas and messages and thoughts in a complex sentence. And I was obsessed, if not addicted for a simpler writing. But, heck, here I am writing you with a lot of nested sentences.

So, back to the title: what does it mean and what does it want to tell yourself or the audience (if anyone would like to know)?

Well, another random context for that title, or maybe, to be more relevant in my case of thinking now, is that I just lost a paragraph or more for my previous writing.

Well, why? Because I am using this app that will automatically if you stop writing for a certain period of time. Yeah, so what?

Haha, I want to say that regardless of the negative potential of me losing my writing just because I stopped writing for a while. That kind of system helps me to continue writing without any interruption. It feels like a game. I love it, and more importantly, it is effective in making me write.

Yes, the last statement has such a power to this article. It is about writing and sometime it requires such a mental effort or will power to make it happen.

Say, I want to write a book. Ugh, it is so overwhelming. What is it about? What title that I want to write. And, the content, well, should I need to write like hundreds of pages? Like Oh My God, how can I do that? And those hundreds of pages need to be well written? Please don’t

So, instead, I tried the different approach, the minimum viable commitment and effort. I just need to write for 5 minutes about anything that I want to write without any interruption.

And I just did it.