Making a decision in 10 minutes

Sandro Sirait
3 min readJan 7, 2021


The title is just super descriptive that leave nothing but certainty in expectation of the reader and most importantly for the author in writing the piece.

Writing the piece that is actually already in the mind of the author that needs to be unfolded and triggered to be manifested through words written freely in this apps.

And any kind of urge to stop writing as you go and try to stop and think properly shall not exist and be allowed in any kind of manner, which I really respect and appreciate for the apps having such empowering, if not enforcing, features.

Making decisions like what?

And, actually, little did I know, the title itself already gave us practical advice in making a decision. Let me write it down again for the sake of clarity by reiterating the message.

Making a decision in 10 minutes.

Yes, so, even if you have no context whatsoever about the decision you are about to make and or about the knowledge in making a decision by itself (i.e., the theory of making a great decision by using all the fancy tools, well, you know).

You know that you are given the limitation to do the exact task in 10 minutes. You gotta make that decision in 10 minutes.

But, hey, I don’t know what this is about? I don’t know the purpose or goal behind the decision making or the intention of the subject behind this. And also, I don’t know about the resources that are available within reach in regards of the decision.

I would say. Well. You just mentioned some frameworks that you had written about decision-making in a previous article. One sense would be, well, that’s not a problem if you want to use the aforementioned framework in decision making, and in this case, of making a decision for only 10 minutes, maybe you can use that framework in a quicker sense of time. That’s just okay, right? As long as you can do the task within 10 minutes.

And the other sense or approach to doing the task. Well, let’s assume that you don’t have the framework beforehand. And you just jumped into the case of decision-making. What would you do?

Well, make the freaking decision in that limited amount of time. Hmm, I am thinking out loud here: well, what choices do I have on my plate now? and then by listening to the choices and if information is available, maybe I will start weighing the value of each of the choices.

For example, the choices are buying A, B, C, or not buying at all. Actually, well, just for the sake of practicality and relevant context of working from home, let’s use example of buying monitors for WFH.

So, next step in my mind is that we have decision to make whether buy or not buy the monitors for WFH. Then, if I need to buy the monitor I will make 2nd phase of the decision which is which monitor to buy? This is a practical case study, so you can’t just say buy something, what is it exactly you want to buy and by saying that you need to really buy it, and practically, use it.

Hmm, clear so the first layer of decision making in this case is whether buy or not buy? time is ticking.

And, so, i would go with the cost benefit and risk reward analysis as the main framework to help.