How to write, I mean, how I can tell myself to write

Sandro Sirait
2 min readDec 26, 2020


Well, that’s the specific questions being shifted in one line from a general type of question that no one, at least for me, does not want to entertain at all.

Too generic, too boring?

Yeah, I like the idea of being a bit specific about something.
Or maybe you can say that as being a bit different, not necessarily specific.

Or perhaps, the word unique would be the best word to describe that?

I do think so.

Write oh write.

How to write?

Can we start with the generic question and don’t worry you can always answer with whatever style you like, meaning, you can play top down or bottom up.

Well, technically speaking, you just need to open up your laptop and open any type of apps that allow you to type (well, that’s for writing by using computer)

if you like to use your hand, you can have paper or any medium you like that can handle written gesture. And of course, you need to have that pencil or pen. You get the idea.

Then, you can see that blank page of paper or that blank page of screen. And if you want to write, you can write any word that will form a sentence that will form a paragraph in that blank page.

As you go by writing, you can see that the page is eventually to be filled with words that are actually deeper that just merely words.

Those may have ideas, messages, thoughts, feelings, something that may not exist without you write that down.

And thanks to you, you bring those into existence.

Because you write it down.