How about I write one more post, for only 5 more minutes?

Sandro Sirait
2 min readJan 1, 2021


How about that?

Yeah, now I have the urge to get out of my room to go to the toilet doing my things.

But, the good thing or well maybe just a neutral thing, is that I feel the urge also to remain on my chair and continue to write.

Yeah, what makes it so unique or, in this particular case, so special?

Simply because that kind of urge is not usual for my case in terms of me doing the writing work.

Usually, it takes a lot of effort if not willpower for me just to finish or to write some words. And, in this case, it is like me trying to negotiate with myself to delay the urge to go to the toilet.

Are you a writer?

Why does that matter?

I know that you have this concept or thinking about identity and activity (or specifically habits) are related.

Simply said. If you are a writer then you write every day. If you are an athlete, you will exercise every day.

So, the algorithm would be, if you are someone with this profession, then you will be doing a specific task related to that profession EVERY DAY.

That makes sense. And, while I also have an urge to convince myself that I am a writer so that I can write more consistently, at the same time, I tried not to, because doing that will also give me unnecessary pressure.

Or, actually, another desire (because as you can be aware I want to write more) that being seasoned and entertained to a much higher elevation. As such, will lead to another level of suffering.

Because, that’s how desire and suffering are correlated.

Now, you can go to the toilet.