Building momentum like you have never before

Sandro Sirait
2 min readJan 5, 2021


I laughed on two things, first is that I was not really sure what to put as title and second is that I was not really sure what to write after putting the title.

Ah, yeah, thanks for the apps thanks for nudging me to come up with raw ideas. Keeping me challenged in terms of thinking during this writing exercise and thus helps me to have more clarity in thinking, or as Tim Ferris has said “to sharpen my thinking”

How important is that?

Hmm, I would say it is no 1 importance for me as human. I don’t want to touch too deep. Well, I would to counter argue that with the idea that maybe I just don’t know well enough about that topic or idea that I hide behind the safe space or safe argument of “I don’t want to go too deep”

As if I know enough about the subject and that I decided proactively and intentionally not to go too deep in order for me to focus on the topic I was discussing in this article which is “building momentum” — — Geez, I don’t even remember the full title of this article, but okay just continue writing.

And some layers that you are just writing yeah. One is about the tendency to appear as smart and competent, and the other, which I think is fair in regards to stick with the initial purpose or intention in doing such writing exercise.

The first realization would be as important as the second, and i would say it requires courage and humility to admit that you are playing with your persona automatically that you just feel aware that you are doing that during this writing.

While, you are not aware you are building momentum you need (arguably?) like never before